8th India H.O.G.® Rally

  1. I, declare that I have decided to participate in the 8th India H.O.G.® Rally event being organized by H-D Motor Company India Private Limited, & Entco Music Pvt. Ltd. at Goa on 14th – 15th February 2020, (“the Event”) at my own will and without any coercion.
  2. I understand and acknowledge that the event is dangerous and that accidents causing harm may occur during the Event. I hereby acknowledge the risks arising from my participation in the Event and agree to participate in the Event at my own risk.
  3. I hereby release H-D Motor Company India Private Limited, & Entco Music Pvt. Ltd. and their respective servants, directors, officials, representatives, event partner and agents from all liability for including liability arising out of bodily injury, death, psychological trauma, and all loss or damage (including property damage) whatsoever arising from my participation in the Event.
  4. I understand that H-D Motor Company India Private Limited, & Entco Music Pvt. Ltd. do not make any warranty, implied or expressed, regarding the Event. I further waive of any claim against H-D Motor Company India Private Limited, & Entco Music Pvt. Ltd. warranty for any facilities provided in connection with the Event as to fitness for the particular purpose for which they are provided.
  5. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless H-D Motor Company India Private Limited, & Entco Music Pvt. Ltd. and their respective servants, directors, officials, representatives and agents as the case may against any loss, claim damages etc. that might occur due to my participation in the Event.
  6. I understand that this disclaimer is not intended to exclude any valid claim I may have under any applicable insurance policy.
  7. I certify that the particulars on this form are true and correct in every particular, to the best of my knowledge and belief.

Event Terms & Conditions:

  • Each ticket & corresponding wristband entitles entry for 1 person only. Wristbands are valid for multiple entries into the festival. Please keep your wristband on till the end of the event.
  • The bands are water resistant. However, they require care. Damaged torn and removed wristbands will not be replaced and entry maybe denied due to the same.
  • Entry for children below 12 (twelve) years of age is free. (Identity proof required. A registered adult guardian must accompany minors at the festival).
  • Security procedures, including frisking, bag searches & CCTV coverage remain the right of the management and will be exercised at the gates and or any place of the festival premises.
  • No dangerous or potentially hazardous objects, including but not limited to weapons, knives, guns, fireworks, laser devices, bottles will be allowed in the venue and patrons may be asked to leave the venue if found to be carrying any such items.
  • Any person seeking to use a void or invalid ticket in order to gain access or provide entry in the festival area will be considered to be a trespasser. They will be ejected and liable for legal action.
  • The organizer(s) reserves the right to conduct security searches at the entrance or at any time during the event and confiscate any item which in the opinion of the organizer(s) may cause danger or disruption to other persons or the event or is one of the items not permitted in the venue as listed in these Terms and Conditions.
  • Parking inside & outside around the festival premises is at the risk of the vehicle owner.
  • Beer and hard liquor would be available at the bar only on presenting a beverage coupon. The beverage coupons will be available for purchase at a separate counter next to the bar. Note: Rider safety is our number one priority. We request you to enjoy the event responsibly.
  • Parking within event area is open only to Harley-Davidson® motorcycles. A separate common parking area designated by the hotel is available for parking for cars and motorcycles. Security will not permit non H-D motorcycles® into the event area. Your cooperation is most appreciated.
  • Organizers reserve the exclusive right (without refund), to refuse admission or remove anyone (even if entered into the festival) who is found to be guilty of any offence of a criminal nature or otherwise that is likely to harm the goodwill of the event or harm the people attending the event or violating any of the Terms and Conditions mentioned herein; behaving in a manner which has or is likely to hamper the safety or modesty of other persons at the event; causing or intending to cause disturbance and/or disruption in the decorum of the premises on the account of rude/ violent behavior, use of derogatory/ inflammatory language, verbal or physical intimidation, obscene or lewd acts & gestures, racial abuse, non-payment of bills, provoking and/or indulging in fights, whether acting under the influence of alcohol or drugs or otherwise; refuse to comply with the organizer(s) security searches; breaching any of the Terms and Conditions mentioned herein.
  • Organizers shall not be liable of default or cancellation of the festival/event in the case of such default in the performance of its obligations or cancellation of the festival/event was due to acts of God such as but not limited, to earthquakes, or floods, torrential rains, riots, terror attacks or threats of terror attacks, or any statutory restrictions or court / government order etc.



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